Clinical Supervision

I’m a LCSW and board-approved supervisor with experience in Austin, Chicago, and NYC, and have been supervising since 2014. My supervision focus is skill building, ethics and boundaries, and providing support to those new to the field.

I’m currently in private practice doing therapy and clinical supervision, but I have extensive experience working with people with multiple vulnerabilities and challenges, including homelessness, mental illness, addiction, trauma history, criminal justice, and personality disorders typically related to attachment and intergenerational trauma. I have worked in community-based, crisis and residential settings, and have more than a decade of experience doing group therapy as well as individual.

With clients I use psychoeducation, CBT and DBT, motivational interviewing, and supportive/relational psychotherapy to work toward client-identified goals. I want to help people feel empowered to make choices and understand their situation, communicate in a healthy way, and self-advocate and set goals related to quality of life, not illness.

With my supervisees I use a relational model. We keep a healthy boundary of supervision, not therapy, but explore what plays out in the supervision relationship and how it relates to client work. I encourage my supervisees to find their “self” and use it in therapy. We prioritize client crises, countertransference, and ethical issues, and then dive into case consultation, conceptualization, diagnosis, treatment planning, and interventions. I have a particular interest in clients with personality disorders and help supervisees explore this common facet of mental health with their clients as well.

I’ve supervised LMSWs doing outpatient, crisis and residential work, and working with a variety of client populations. I feel that group supervision allows for the most learning while individual allows for personal growth related to challenging situations, so I prefer to provide a combination of group/individual to give people the best of both worlds.